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  As human thought essence of classic books, has always been in learning and reference model, is also a kind of cultural inheritance of obligatory. Substance rather than as a kind of operation as well as an exchange, collision of ideas about the original author. This column provides people with a large number of classics of substance material, hope everyone here can find the same spark, more exchanges.

  With a day after reading the "dear Andre, give me the biggest shock was the book about the description of the parent-child communication, Chinese children who in my this seems novel and incomparable education and the means of independent-minded, I find everything new and fresh, that both adult road, there is no lack of again the 吉林治癫痫病哪比较有正规child's extreme, is both wise and farsighted humor, does not lose childlike Andre is left a very deep impression on me. Andre in the book of life is full of fun, he drink, chat, listening to music, Party, travel... It is colorful, colorful, take a look at our student life: get up early, go to school in a hurry, endless homework, don't finish all kinds of cram school on... , even if it does happen occasionally brief relaxation and entertainment, also are in a hurry, dragonflies water, never enjoy, are far worse than Andre freedom and comfortable several miles; Andre met with setbacks, mom lung ying-tai to comfort him, and when we meet with this situation, we are often harvest is an alliance of parents and teachers scold; Andre success, mother, brother and his friend will send congratulations for him, but never take it for granted, our success is not surprising that, even in the teachers and par北京军海医院挂号ents eyes forever is so insignificant, far from their expectations. ...... Is this the difference between eastern and western education idea?




  This made up of 36 seal letter book, not only across the new and old, left and right, pop culture and humanistic care, more acro太原哪个医院治癫痫病好ss the generation of the mother and child values, gathered into this a wonderful essays. Actually all around us, including me, how many people and their parents communication, lack of proper form and opportunity, that between the two generations formed an unbridgeable chasm.

  We will find themselves more grow up more lonely, gradually do not want to share more things with their parents, but nearby of friend, perhaps more than parents know yourself. We constantly updated contact things, gradually the world away from their parents, the occasional phone is dull routine in general. We all felt this change, but no one is willing to or pay attention should change some. , I think our parents raise us to grow up and don't want to see is such an outcome.

  After watching the "dear Andre" this book, I found that, as children, we do not understand how their parents. They are eager 贵州哪家医院看癫痫病好to understand our world, so idea urgently, so that let us feel bored. So we will unconsciously farther from them. But, I think, the parents do everything is derived from the inner fountain of love. Is love, let them pipe we too strict; Is love, let them in front of the children grew up increasingly, independent. So, no matter how is the external performance, internal essence is love.